Music in my mind

I always have a song running through my head...constantly. I always have! It doesn't necessarily have to be a song I like, either. Well, the past couple days, my co-worker has been taking advantage of this. She will find the most random, annoying songs and play them just so she can watch me suffer as it continues to play in my head! It all started with the theme song to The Neverending Story (one of the best movies in the entire world, by the way). I sang that in my head all day. "The Neverending storyyyyyyyy, ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh." (I wish I could have a luck dragon, like Falcor!) Then, it was the theme song to the t.v. show Sanford and Son.... I can hear it now, "deer ner ner nerner, deer ner ner nerner nerner neer." This is why my iPod is so important to me! I take it everywhere. It's like my cell phone. If I leave the house without either one, I feel naked! I listen to a wide range of music. Billie Holiday, Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Rolling Stones, Weezer, Styx, Portishead, OutKast, Modest Mouse, Feist and the Dixie Chicks (to name a few!). Right now, my two favorites are Amy Winehouse and Mike Doughty.

This is one of my favorite photos of Amy.

Here's Mike holding one of his own pics. I actually have one of these from the last show I went to!

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