They're back!

Reusable Foodservice Towels: I first saw these things on another blog somewhere and I thought they sounded great. Well, when I went to buy them, they were no longer available. I emailed the company that manufacturer's them and they said lots of people have requested them since they were discontinued. So, back by popular demand, here they are:

I always thought it's terrible how many paper towels we go through... these are the perfect replacement. I can't wait to order some! Everyone is so into earth-friendly products right now: "Is it BPA free?" "Is it phalate free?" "Is it made from a sustainable source?" These are just some of the questions we get at work now. About a year or two ago, I had never even heard of some of this stuff. I totally understand the need for environmentally friendly products, but when it comes to worrying if formaldehyde is going to leach out of a product and harm me or my children, I tend not to worry so much. Let's not forget that I grew up secretly playing with handfuls of mercury (my father had a small glass jar of the stuff and told us never to touch it)...yes, my brother and I would pour it out into our hands and play with it... and I turned out just fine... so far! :)

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  1. I remember these when I was a kid too! We'd use one cloth to pick up a spill, one to dust the furniture and another to clean the windows. The best part was that they were totally reusable! Just wash and re-use! What did we call them... oh I remember... RAGS!!!!!


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