Bumps & Bruises

So, last week was a little rough on me. It all started when I threw up on my way to work Tuesday morning! No, I wasn't sick... rather I skipped breakfast (I always eat breakfast) and I took a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach. While driving on the highway, it hit me. I had to take the next exit, but before I could even pull over, I threw up in my hand. Fun times! Later in the week, I had a coupon for a package of men's disposable razors, so I got some. Maybe not such a good idea. I tore my legs up! It looks like I walked through a brier patch wearing short shorts! Finally, to end my wonderful week, I split open my head Friday night. After a wonderful wedding rehearsal and dinner for a friend of mine, I stumbled while opening the car door. As I pulled on the door in an attempt not to fall, the corner hit me just above my eye. So, for the rest of the weekend, I had a big, white butterfly bandage over my right eyebrow! Let's just say I'm glad that week is over!

On a lighter note, my friend's wedding was beautiful. We had a great time! I am so happy for them. Here's a picture of them right after the ceremony...

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