14 Weeks!!!

Today I am 14 weeks! That's three and a half months... so, only five and a half months to go!!! We actually started working on cleaning out the office yesterday. We got a good start, but there is still a ton left to do. It's hard finding places to put all our stuff!

According to BabyCenter.com , our baby is now 3.5 inches long... the size of a lemon:

Now that is MUCH cuter than a shrimp!!! They also say that he can now squint, frown, grimace and even suck his thumb.

Only two more days until my next doctor's appointment!!!

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  1. Do you know if you will have an ultrasound at the next appointment? I only had 2 the whole time (one at 8wk and one at 18). And then we did that 3-D one on our own.


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