We have a heartbeat!!!

This morning, Kevin and I headed to the doctor's office for our 14 week appointment. I was pretty nervous and I think Kevin was too, even though he wouldn't show it!

After waiting about 45 minutes, the doctor finally came in. As I was chatting and explaining that I was nervous... he had already found the heartbeat... I stopped talking and just listened for a second. "SWOOSH-SWOOSH.... SWOOSH-SWOOSH.... SWOOSH-SWOOSH" Then, I just had to ask, "How do you know that's not MY heartbeat???" Simple answer... my heart is not located in my lower abdomen! (Not only that, but the baby's heartbeat is much faster than mine right now.) Needless to say, we were very relieved that there was a happy, healthy heartbeat!

Now, for the funny part: We brought our camera as I wanted to capture the heartbeat on video. Kevin got it out and proceeded to "record" as the doctor gave a big thumbs up and we laughed and listened. Well, when we left the office, we realized he actually didn't hit record so we got nothing on video! No worries, though, we go back in three weeks and can do it all over again. :)

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  1. That is awesome, Jess! It is so reassuring to hear that heartbeat.

    FYI - I sent the g diapers your way yesterday via Priority mail.


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