Cloth Diapers?

We had a great time in Wilmington. The Expo was fun. We actually learned a lot about cloth diapering. I always thought that it was great for the people who did it...but just couldn't decide if it was for me. Well, after everything we learned, and the fact that it isn't as hard as it sounds, I think we'll definitely give them a try! Not only would it save us a ton of money (compared to buying disposables all the time) but it's much better for baby (natural materials against their skin) AND, not the mention the environment (no tossing non-biodegradable diapers in the landfills).

Look how much cuter they are than disposables, too! (I love that they come in all kinds of colors.)

So, my point of this is... we'll give them a try! I'd like to try a couple different brands. The most popular brands seem to be Happy Heiny's and Bum Genius . I am also very interested in trying gdiapers . These actually have a biodegradable insert in the diaper so instead of washing the entire diaper, you just put a new insert in. We'll see what works best for us!

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  1. Jess - I have a gdiapers kit that I can send you if you want it. Someone gave it to me to try and we only put Hannah in them one time. I wasn't convinced because the disposable inserts are more expensive than regular diapers. You are more than welcome to have this kit if you want to try it out without investing the $$$$$. : )


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