Another busy day

Today was a good day... I am exhausted, though! It started out with a visit to a new Sunday School class. It was a small class with five other couples and they were very welcoming. After that, we headed home where Kevin studied and I began taping the walls in the nursery for the last stripe (green). We then headed to Kristin's second piano recital. She played solo and then a duet with her teacher. She did so well! It reminded me of my days playing the piano when I was her age. We came home and painted the last stripe in the nursery... cleaned around the house a little... then had a fabulous dinner on the patio. We made a new, delicious salad with feta cheese, yellow peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. The dressing was made with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic and mint. YUM! It was so refreshing; the flavors just burst in your mouth. Kevin grilled fillets wrapped in bacon (they were on sale for $4 each at Food Lion!).

So, back to the nursery... we have finished the walls. Just need to re-paint the wood trim and doors and we're done! Here's what the walls look like now:

I just love it! Once the white furniture, the adorable bedding and decorations are in there, it will look fabulous!


  1. I love the walls!!! What does your bedding look like?

  2. I love the walls!! What does your bedding look like?


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