Oh, Boy?

We went to the doctor's today and listened to the baby's heartbeat. Everything sounded great! Before the doc left, I asked if he had time to do an ultrasound. (Now, let me start by telling you our doctor has a very interesting sense of humor!) As he turned to me with a look on his face like "Really?!", he raised his hand and scratched his cheek with his middle finger! YUP... my doctor just flipped me the bird!!! He laughed and said, "Of course, let's go!" So, as the doctor explained what we were looking at (the head, heart, hand, fingers, rib cage, legs, spine, etc.), I asked "How is he laying in there?" The doctor quickly answered, "It's not a HE... it's a CHICK!" Knowing his sense of humor I thought he was joking... nope... IT's A GIRL! And here's a pic to prove it...

Girl Parts!

Here's the back (spine) & an arm waiving HI!

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