Bowling when almost 6 mo. pregnant???

Not such a good idea after all!

Wednesday we had our company quarterly meeting at work and afterward we all went bowling. I knew it wouldn't be a good idea for me to bowl 'regularly' so I decided to bowl 'granny style'. Turns out, that probably wasn't the best idea, either. Squatting and tossing an 8 pound ball over and over again put a little stress on my growing uterus! I have been cramping since Thursday morning... called a nurse yesterday after leaving work early and went to see the doctor this morning. Baby girl is fine and all my symptoms sound normal (to everyone that would listen to me explain!).

So, lesson learned: no bowling when pregnant!

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  1. Oh girl!! Sounds like you pulled a muscle. Glad lil Thomas is okay, and Mommy!

    Happy Friday!


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