26 weeks!

I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and only 98 days away from my due date! Baby girl can hear better and better every day and she's starting to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid, which helps her lungs develop. She weighs well over a pound and is starting to put on some baby fat!
She is getting long!

Sleeping is getting more & more difficult these days. I just can't get comfortable. I am such a 'tosser & turner' at night and when you've gained 20 pounds with 95% of it on your abdomen, it is really hard to roll over in bed. It takes some work...which wakes you up... and then it's hard to go back to sleep.

This weekend we worked in the nursery some more. After getting a rod for the window, we put up the valences. They look fabulous! I also started painting the toy box and it is really looking good. I will post a picture soon. Bailey and I went to the park and I found some nice sticks for the bird mobile I am making. I also got some faux, tiny pink flowers to glue to the sticks. Now, I just need to put it all together! Finally, we went searching for upholstery for the chaise. We found about three that we really like... just need to make that final decision now!

Oh, I forgot to mention... my fabulous (really, he is amazing) husband went to the neighborhood pool with me yesterday! (This is sorta a big deal because he does not enjoy hanging out by the pool.) We went around 5:30pm so it had cooled off a bit. It was so nice. I love getting in the water because it makes me feel 'normal' and light! Kevin even got in with me and pulled me around a bit... I felt like a feather slowly falling through the air. Until I had to get out... then it was back to feeling like my body was made of cement! It was great while it lasted.

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