Gestational Diabetes?

I took my screening this morning to check for gestational diabetes. It was not horrible, but it wasn't fun, either! I had to drink 10 oz of a super-sweet orange beverage within five minutes. The first sip wasn't bad... it almost tasted good... but then as I had to keep drinking and drinking and drinking... it got worse. An hour later I had my blood drawn. I have felt a little nauseous ever since. It's almost like that syrupy fluid has just been hanging out in my belly all day! Let's just hope I pass (A. so I don't have to repeat this screening and B. so I don't have gestational diabetes!).

On a lighter note, my very first baby shower is coming up (next Sunday) and I couldn't be more excited!!! Two of my favorite people, Lee & Heather, are hosting it. I can not wait to hang out with my girlfriends, eat yummy food, play silly games and get sweet little baby gifts!!!

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