28 weeks!

Can you believe I am officially in the third trimester and starting out my 7th month of pregnancy?!?! Lea is well over 2 pounds and over 14 1/2 inches long now. She has eyelashes and can finally open & close her eyes, too. These days, she seems to mostly be working on gaining body fat before her big arrival in September.

I can definitely tell that she is getting bigger... If she makes big movements, you can totally feel her body parts from the outside of my belly. A few days ago, she seemed to really want to sit 'upright' and she kept pushing her head up towards my ribs! It was pretty uncomfortable so I would gently push on her until she moved. Another new thing is that she gets the hiccups at least once a day, every day. These feel like faint, soft taps in my abdomen and it usually only lasts for a few minutes at a time.

At my last doctor's appointment, they finally measured my 'fundal height' for the first time. This is simply done on the outside of my belly with a measuring tape. I measured '25 cm'... which was apparently just right. I have heard (from friends and the Internet) that your measurement should be pretty close to your number of weeks. (I measured 25cm at 27 weeks)

My next appointment is July 21st (31 weeks) and then I will start going every two weeks!

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