Happy 4th of July!

I just LOVE July! It's my favorite month!

You get fabulous fireworks on the 4th while celebrating our nation's Independence and eating hotdogs & burgers by the lake (or beach)... my Grandmother's birthday is on the 2nd... of course, my birthday is on the 17th... and then my brother's birthday (which is also my friend, Shawn's birthday) is on the 19th! I have fond memories of summertime birthday celebrations in July. It is also the 7th month, which is a very lucky number and it's usually HOT outside (and I do love the heat). What more could you want?!

Today marks only 80 more days until my due date! Can you believe it??? In less than 3 months, our baby girl will be here! I am so excited!!! We finally received our Colgate, eco-friendly crib mattress and bassinet pad and our Sunshine Kids Radian80 car seat will be delivered on Monday. What more do you need for a new baby?! :)

This morning, Kevin & I got up early and headed over to Jordan Lake to find a campsite. Dad is bringing the motorhome up for us and we'll stay there until Monday. I can't wait to head back down there after work! Bailey loves camping... running around in the woods & swimming in the warm, shallow water. It should be a really nice, relaxing weekend full of hotdogs, watermellon and, of course, s'mores!!!

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