29 weeks!

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and we have only 77 days to go until my due date! Lea is about 2 1/2 pounds and her muscles & lungs are continuing to mature. Her bones are soaking up lots of calcium these days so that means more milk, yogurt and cheese for me.... No Problem!!!

Lea is still moving all the time and gets the hiccups every single day (at least once or twice a day). Moving around is getting harder (as Kevin has recently commented on my heavy breathing & grunting when I am just slowly moving around the house!). Sleeping is also getting more and more difficult. I just can't get comfortable! And, my last 'complaint' is that my lower back has begun to ache. Honestly, though... I am not complaining! I actually couldn't be happier to have this little miracle growing inside me and I can not wait to meet her & see what she looks like!!!

We are back from our Jordan Lake trip. Saturday was a beautiful day! We spent the majority of tha day on the 'beach'. The weather Sunday wasn't as nice, however. It was overcast and raining off & on all day. So, we spent the day in the motor home reading, playing UNO and watching movies. Each night there (three nights), I had two S'mores! YUM! They were so good! I also are my body weight in watermelon. :)

Here are some pics from our mini vacation:

Bailey enjoying the sun on the beach.

After being away for about an hour, we came back to find this in the motor home. Bailey had found and completely ate FOUR granola bars and TWO mini bags of m&m's! As you can see, she was ashamed of herself...

And here's the damage. Needless to say, she didn't get much dinner that night!

When we returned home today, we were surprised with the delivery of our car seat for Lea. Of course we immediately opened it and tried it out in the Escape!

After only a few minutes of arguing and struggling, we were able to install it. (Don't worry, we'll have it checked out at the fire department before Lea gets in it!!!)

Things are really coming together these days. I am so glad we started planning and purchasing early. It's nice to not be rushing around and worrying if we have what we need.

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  1. Hooray! Sounds like you had a great time. Your belly is so cute!


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