It's officially started!

This week has officially started 'stranger comments'! Every day, more and more strangers are commenting on my growing belly. Yesterday, it was the large construction worker man at McDonald's... this morning it was the two old ladies at Rite Aid. Who will be next???

The three main questions I get are, "When are you due?", "Is it a boy or girl?" and "Have you chosen a name, yet?" Usually, in that order. Then, the most common comment is usually about how hot is it and the humidity and being 8 months pregnant in August and how will I handle the heat?

I need a shirt that says:

"Due in September.
It's a girl.
Her name is Lea.
I love the hot weather."


  1. I love it!! LOL I think that it's hilarious how people say " It's gonna be a HOOOOTTT Summer"...no on ever says that to fat people hahahaha

    Love you!!


  2. Have any strangers tried to touch your stomach yet?? I think I would totally flip out! ...actually I would probably swat their hand! :-)


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