Working Hard

I have been working hard these past few days/weeks... busy in our personal life, busy at work and busy putting baby fat on my little girl! :) Water aerobics is fun, but I am so exhausted afterward! Plus, since we are three days away from double digits until our due date (this Sunday we will be 99 days away!!!), we are starting to do more at home to get ready. I know I could totally go a week past my due date, but I could have this baby early, too! You just never know.

So, I have started washing clothes and blankets, we're finally getting the orange, velvet chaise (that's in our nursery) re-upholstered and we're finally ordering important items (crib and cradle mattresses, breast pump, furniture, etc.) I have my first shower coming up on the 28th and I am soooooo excited! I can't wait to hang out with friends and be a little selfish for a few hours (I love the attention and am looking forward to the gifts...I won't lie!!!).

Now, the only other big thing we need to tackle SOON is the flooring on our first floor. We finally made a decision on the type... it's some type of Pergo from Home Depot... so, now we have to make ourselves schedule and sign off on the estimate. Wish us luck!

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