New floors, baby shower and massage!

As promised, here are pics of the new floor!

Obviously, we still have a lot of work to do... cleaning and putting all the furniture back into place. Not to mention that the living room rug is now WAY too small for that space!

While the guys were working at the house on Saturday, I took a little getaway for my baby shower...

We had yummy food and delicious drinks!

I got to wear a "Mommy to Be" crown and corsage!

Admiring all the gifts (and wondering where everything will go!).

My sister-in-law, Jill and her daughter, Kristin.

The Grandma's!

Then, on Monday, I took another getaway for my prenatal massage (30th birthday gift from my fabulous hubby!). It was heavenly!!!! It only lasted an hour, but it was so wonderful. I could totally do that, at least, once a week until the baby arrives. Actually, I could do it once a week for the rest of my life if I had to! :)

Tonight we are visiting a local pediatric office, then we have out first Labor & Delivery Education class at the hospital. I'll let you know how everything goes!

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