32 weeks!!!

Wow... I almost forgot to post that I am now 32 weeks pregnant! It crept up on me so fast!!!

Lea should now be pretty close to 4 pounds! I am apparently gaining about a pound a week these days... half of which is going straight to Lea. She is still moving all the time and still gets the hiccups, at least twice a day. I can feel little jabs and kicks waaaaaay over on my right side, so I think she is still laying with her head to my left. I am feeling pretty good these days... other than minor back aches and annoying swollen feet/ankles/calves, I have no complaints! Kevin and I are seriously contemplating having a 3-D ultra-sound. It would be so cool to see what our little girl looks like! I'll keep you posted.


  1. We had a 3-D ultrasound done at Prenatal Peek near Southpoint. Even though Keira was only 15 weeks old and looked a little like a skeleton-alien, it was SO cool. They were great and we had tons of fun. We got tons of pictures of her, a picture CD and a DVD put to music. It was really cool.

  2. I went to this place for my 3D ultrasound: http://www.triangle4dbaby.com/

    They have "weekday" rates and it was a fun experience. You get a whole hour to look at the baby in 3D and you get tons of video and photos to keep.

    Do it soon though - the bigger she gets, the harder it will be to see her little face clearly (and not all squished up).


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