33 weeks!

Another week has gone by! I can't believe I have only 7 weeks left until my due date! Lea is probably a little over 4 pounds by now.

I am getting bigger and bigger which in turn is making everyday tasks (such as putting on socks, picking something up off the floor, sleeping and even sitting) more and more difficult. I can physically feel my lungs getting compressed so breathing is becoming more difficult, too. Lea is still moving around all the time. I wonder if she is starting to turn head down? We will find out soon because we finally decided to schedule a 3D ultrasound! Our appointment is this Sat. afternoon. We are so excited, but nervous, too. From what I hear, people say that the pictures are pretty true to what their babies look like when born. Here are a couple examples of pictures that I found on-line...

I hope we can get a good picture! It will be so much fun to compare it to Lea when she is actually here. :)

Today we are visiting another pediatric office so that decision should be made soon. Our floors are finally getting finished today, too. Apparently the contractors laid the quarter round incorrectly so they are coming back to re-do it all today. Then, we can clean everything (there is still quite a bit of dust around) and put all of our furniture back into place. I told Kevin, once this is all done, we aren't doing anything for a long while!!! It's time for me to start taking it easy and really get prepared for Lea's arrival. Her nursery is still a bit of a mess and I want to start cooking some meals to freeze for the few months right after we bring her home.

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