34 weeks and (still) counting!

Yowser! Only 6 more weeks to go! (give or take a few days, either way). I seriously can not believe how fast time is flying by!!!

Lea is probably close to 5 pounds now and she's really filling out these days (which was evident in our 3-D ultrasounds... she has adorable chubby cheeks and even a little double chin!). Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well.

(It certainly feels like there is a cantaloupe in my belly these days!!!)

I am becoming more and more tired lately... sleeping is very difficult as I just can't get comfortable and I have to get up about every three hours to use the restroom. Normal, everyday tasks (like walking across the room or carrying a load of laundry) makes me out of breath, too. Since we have finally gotten the house back in order (and it looks fabulous!), it is time for me to start taking it easy. I need to rest up for the big day ahead of us, which will be here before we know it!

My co-worker, Tess, took some great maternity shots of Kevin, Bailey and I Saturday morning. There are a couple in the right column of this blog. I can't wait to see the rest of them! Then, Saturday afternoon, we had our 3-D ultrasound! That was simply amazing. For any mamas out there thinking about doing this, DO IT! We actually watched Lea move in real time... she was touching her face, sticking out her tongue, grabbing her toes and making silly faces at us. As I said above, she has chubby little cheeks and a little double chin. It also looks like she will very closely resemble her mommy when she is born! We compared her picture to one of myself when I was born. The ultrasound tech also said it looks like she just has a little bit of peach fuzz on her head (so, she'll take after her daddy (who was born bald) in that department!). I can not wait to meet her!!!

I will post pictures soon!

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  1. She DOES look like you! I thought so the second I saw the picture. :) That is a wonderful feeling when you can look at your baby and see yourself. :)


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