Hospital bag?

It's no secret that my husband and I are serious planners. We are not spontaneous, 'fly by the seat of your pants' kind of people, but that's ok because it works great for us!

That being said, we make lists... lots and lots of lists. Lists for the grocery store, lists of baby things to get, lists of music we want to download, lists of chores, lists of how our money is spent, etc. If something needs to be done, we will have a list for it. Which brings me to a NEW list! We have decided that we are going to go ahead and pack a bag for my hospital stay. (I know we have 5 weeks and 4 days until my due date, however didn't I just tell you we are PLANNERS!?)

My question is, what do we need? Obviously, the basic essentials: tooth brush & paste, mouth wash, Chap Stick, socks, flip flops, lotion, comfy clothes there and to wear home (for myself and Lea)... but what else?

Please leave me a comment and let me know of anything that you wish you had, didn't end up needing or were so glad you took to the hospital.

Thanks for your help in our list making!


  1. Do you have What to Expect When You're Expecting?

    There is a pretty comprehensive list in there. And it's pretty accurate - can't be overprepared. You can always leave some stuff in the car.

    I brought two bags. One for the Labor/Delivery room and one for the ovenight room. That way the stuff you'll need for labor is close and easy to get to.

    But one thing - don't forget about stuff for Kevin :) Seriously though - little snacks and caffeinated drinks for him. Zac was very glad he had some things

    Oh don't forget hair bands!

  2. A deck of cards, face wash wipes (it feels so nice when the rest of you feels so gross), pen and paper (we are big note takers and I wanted to remember how my labor went), Lotion for Kevin to rub your feet or lower back, a sock with uncooked rice in it to warm in a microwave, tennis ball or some other type of massager for your back (Kevin's hands will get tired!) I could go on and on!!

  3. Danielle Spivey8/12/09, 8:34 PM

    I brought my favorite "big cup" (Tervis Tumbler) for water/ice, and was glad I had it.

    Also if you are breast feeding, bring your pump (if you have one), some new moms have trouble with getting their milk to come in (I did) or if baby is a little jaundice you'll want your milk to come in as fast and full force as possible. The hospital will have one you can use, but if you have your own, I'm sure you'd rather use it.

    There are great lists out there to cross reference....I'm a list girl too!

    I could ramble on and on, but I'm sure you've got advice coming to you from every possible direction!

  4. I will email you my MASSIVE lists. I had 3 bags--a labor bag, and 2 hospital bags--one for me and baby and one for Zach. And I had 3 lists and was packed 6 weeks before she was born. :)

  5. Also, if you still have Aflac, print out your claim forms and have them in your bag (one set for you and an extra set for baby just in case!)

  6. Good point, ER! I've got to remember that paperwork! :)

  7. If you haven't already, go to the hospital early to fill out all the forms they need you to fill out, so you won't have to do that when you're at the hospital in labor.. Bring socks, sometimes it's cold, and with your hormones going nuts you might get cold or hot depending on the moment. Make sure Kevin has a good pillow, so he can get some rest too. Bring your ipod to listen to music.. it'll help the time pass. :) Love your pics!

  8. I think you just need a lot of metal for listening too. Yep, that should do it.


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