Baby Bump Review!

As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to receive some fabulous products from Baby Bump. And, when I say 'fabulous'... I mean FABULOUS! Baby Bump is a luxurious skin care line made specifically for pregnant women.

Founder, Kate Mistol is a mom, so you know right off the bat that she has 'been there and done that'. She created these products from her own experiences... experiences that the majority of women go through when pregnant (dry, un-even skin, for example). Another road bump when pregnant is finding products that are safe! So many skin care products on the market contain ingredients that are not considered safe to use when you are doing the hard work of creating a new human being. Baby Bump skin care products contain carefully selected, natural ingredients so they are worry free... and they allow you to simply enjoy being pampered (which is something all pregnant women want and deserve!).

I received the 2 in 1 Face Mask & Scrub. My first reaction when trying this was 'YUM!!!' The light, gentle scent was just heavenly. Perfect for sensitive noses. Gentle micro beads do not scratch the skin, rather they lightly scrub your face revealing the smoothest skin once washed off. I have used this scrub almost every night for the past week or so and my face is soooo soft! You can also leave it on your face for a few minutes because papaya and pumpkin enzymes do their job of naturally exfoliating before your fingertips finish whisking away the dead skin cells.

I also received the Stretch Mark and Massage Oil. To be honest, I wasn't as excited to try this product as I was with the face scrub. I believe that stretch marks can not be prevented... if you have the genes for them, you will probably get them. However, I also believe that it doesn't hurt to try to prevent them! Not only that, but these days my belly is really beginning to stretch to it's limits. I need to pamper that precious skin as much as I can, right?! So, I began using the massage oil before bed every night. I am not a fan of thick oils and was happy to find that this was not too heavy. It only takes a few spritzes and feels fabulous on my growing baby bump. It also smells heavenly, too. I liked it so much, I even had my dear husband use it to give me a shoulder rub!

While Baby Bump skin care products were originally created for pregnant women, you don't have to be pregnant to use them! I can see myself using these products long after my baby girl arrives.

Guess what?! Baby Bump has been generous enough to offer my readers a chance to win a FREE full size bottle of the Stretch Mark and Massage Oil! All you have to do is visit their web site and tell me a key ingredient that is used in their products and why it is beneficial. (there are over 20 key ingredients so I shouldn't see many duplicates listed!) Leave your comment below. For an extra entry, follow me on twitter and re-tweet this awesome giveaway (leave another comment letting me know that you re-tweeted). I will announce the giveaway winner next Friday.

Good luck!


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  2. Sweet! I love a giveaway...

    Vitamin E - there is a reason this ingredient has been used against stretch marks for centuries; strong antioxidant properties, protects the skin against aging, may help reduce the look of scars and stretch marks that already exist

  3. Pomegranite Extract – antioxidant powerhouse and anti-inflammatory; naturally enhances skin renewal

  4. Sweet Almond Oil for chapped or irritated skin.

    Pick me, pick me :)

  5. I always love mango butter!

  6. I love mango butter! I may have posted this multiple times...I am having a hard time today!


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