35 weeks!

We've made it another week! Lea should be about 5 pounds (and perhaps slightly more) by now. She has fully developed kidneys and a working liver. She's getting noticeably bigger as I can often feel her all the way up to my rib cage.

I haven't felt any Braxton Hick's contractions (at least, not that I know of). Like I have said before, every day tasks are still becoming more and more difficult. I become out of breath so easily these days, too! My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning. I love listening to Lea's heartbeat and knowing that she is still safe and healthy in there... however I am not looking forward to my weigh in. At my last appointment, I found out that I have gained 30 pounds! (that's actually a very healthy amount to gain, but it's so outrageous for me because I have never gained weight like that in my life!) So, I need to prepare myself... it shouldn't be a surprise if I am up to 35 pounds by now. (oh vey!)

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