My doctor's appointment went well this morning. I have gained about 3 pounds since the last visit (two weeks ago)... my fundal height is 36 cm... Lea's heartbeat was about 150 bpm...

and now I will go for a check up every week!

Whoa! Where is the time going???


  1. FYI. Zac's cousin's wife just had her first baby and she was about 3 weeks early. So you never know when it will be!

  2. I remember way back when and Jessie's brother was 7 weeks early!!! At 5lbs 12oz he was one big guy!
    Lea is beautiful and already 5 lbs so, Mama, pack your bag!

  3. About that hospital bag - I took sour lemon hard candies. Great to wet your mouth with the added bonus of a little sugar kick just when you need it most.
    Good Luck!


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