38 weeks!

Holy Cow... only 2 weeks (actually, 13 days...but, again, who's counting?!) until my due date!!!

By now, Lea should be completely ready for life in the 'real world'. She probably weighs about 7 pounds and all her organs are matured. I wonder every single moment of every single day what she looks like... does she have my nose and Kevin's lips? does she have any hair and if so, what color? does she have any birth marks? will I recognize her when she's born and will she recognize me??? We will soon....very soon... find out!!!

So, for the rest of my 'take it easy' weekend: Saturday we didn't exactly take it easy! We spent the day shopping, actually. We had lots of gift cards that were just burning holes in our wallets. Babies R Us, Belk, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes Foods. I think we are totally set for Lea now (at least, we better be!!!). The last thing we need is our fabulous Anka by Svan crib and dresser. I just found out that it should be shipping any day now so we just might have it set up in her nursery before she arrives.

Kevin spent the entire day Sunday cleaning around the house. He was amazing... doing all the things that I wanted to do but just didn't have the energy to do so. Our house is spotless!!! I wonder what it will be like when Lea is here. We re such neat freaks... it will be hard to let dishes pile up in the sink, laundry fill the hamper and dust collect on the furniture. So, to all my fabulous friends and family out there: if you come visit us that first month or so that Lea is here and see that the house is a mess, don't just ignore it... please help us clean it up! We will NOT be offended, rather we will be so grateful for the help! :) That night, my parents and grandmother brought dinner over. (My mom decided to make us dinner twice a week this last month of my pregnancy and it has been such a huge help... thanks, Mom!)

Finally, on Monday, we DID take it easy! After breakfast at Dunkin' Doughnuts (which isn't nearly as good as Krispy Kreme... which isn't nearly as good as Britt's in Carolina Beach), we did some light yard work. I then took a much needed nap! I spent the rest of the day watching t.v. while Kevin played his new football video game.

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  1. Wow! 38 weeks. Try to take it easy the next couple of weeks. You are going to need your energy!!


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