Taking it easy....well, sort of!

I have been so extremely exhausted lately... maybe because I am not sleeping at all anymore and maybe because I am creating & growing a human being?! So, this Labor Day weekend I am taking a vow to SLOW DOWN. (we'll see how well that goes!)

Last night, Kevin came home and surprised me with a DVD... Labyrinth! I haven't seen that movie in probably about 15 to 20 years! So, between some laundry and making cup cakes, we watched The Labyrinth last night. (Was Jennifer Connelly about 12 years old when she did that movie!?!?) Not a terrible start to my "slow down weekend."

I woke up about four or five times last night... the last couple times were because of some strange cramping in my abdomen. It could have been Braxton Hicks contractions, but I don't think so because these cramps actually hurt. I remembered our instructor at the hospital telling us that early contractions can often be stopped if you change whatever position you're in and drink some water. So, I did just that. I got up and walked around the dark house for awhile and it indeed stopped. But, as soon as I got back in bed, in my side laying position, it started again. That's when I just grabbed my pillow & my glass of water and moved to the couch! I was able to get a little more comfortable out there and got in about three hours of interrupted sleep until Bailey jumped on me at about 7:45am.

Needless to say, I am pretty tired this morning (what's new?). Kevin has been working on the cars (changing the oil, washing and cleaning them) and I have been slowly straightening up around the house. Later today, perhaps after a nap, we're heading out for some last minute shopping with our gift cards.


  1. Sounds like you're super close, Jess! Can't wait to see pretty little Lea. I know you guys are getting anxious. Enjoy these last days together, it is forever changed. (in the best possible way of course) :)

  2. Hang in there Jess!!! I am thinking about you daily and saying a prayer for you, Lea, and Kevin!! : ) Your life is about to hit the FUN fast track!!


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