39 weeks!

It's the final countdown... only 7 days to go until my due date! On average, babies are just over 7 pounds and 21 inches long these days. We will soon find out just how big Lea is! These days, we're just playing the waiting game! Last Friday, I was very uncomfortable and exhausted... I felt a little better on Saturday... and then Sunday I actually felt great. I spent the morning making some things to freeze (banana nut bread and french toast sticks). Kevin then helped with some marinated chicken and pork chops. After that, I ran some errands as I still had some energy and we ended the night with a short walk with Bailey. I guess all that activity helped because I actually slept OK last night. (notice, I said OK and not 'great'! I think my days of sleeping 'great' are far in my past!)

I am finishing up my last week at work. Things are quiet around here as almost everyone is in Las Vegas for the annual ABC Kids Expo. Part of me wishes I could have gone... it's so much fun to check out all the cool new baby and kids products... but, part of me is so glad I didn't have to go this year... it's a LOT of work to set up and run our 50'x50' booth!

Tomorrow, as long as everything is on schedule, our new Anka Sova crib and dresser should be delivered. I can not wait to see how it looks in Lea's room. We chose the beautiful whitewash finish. It should really pop against the dark brown walls.

While I haven't actually used these items yet, I have had a chance to handle them and learn about them. My favorite thing about the dresser is that the top, flat piece can be removed to reveal an integrated changing top. The crib is unique as it is designed to European standards so it's smaller than most cribs. While it still fits a standard size crib mattress, it is low to the ground, eliminating the need for a drop side. (The production of drop side cribs will soon end as there have been so many recalls because of children getting hurt or being killed from a defective drop side crib.) Here's a picture from our recent photo shoot of the collection.

Once we have the crib and dresser set up in the nursery, I will post new pics. And, once we actually have the opportunity to use the furniture, I will post a personal review on what I really think about it!


  1. Good think babies aren't shaped like watermelons!

  2. Good luck this last week!! I'll be looking forward to all the baby news :)


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