Lots of progress!

Yesterday was a good day!

Kevin went with me to what just may have been my last prenatal doctor's appointment yesterday morning. After a long wait (they are never on time!) the doctor finally came in. He said I was already 2 to 3 cm dilated and was thrilled with that progress since this is my first baby. He even said that I "made his day" and the baby and I look perfect. :)

Then, however, he said that he needed me to choose an induction date so they could schedule it at the hospital... just to be sure they have room for me if I needed to be induced. I was pretty uncomfortable with this but he said he would not allow me to go past 41 weeks (which will be Monday the 28th). So, Kevin and I decided to schedule the induction for Friday the 25th (Kevin's birthday and the day my brother arrives!). My next doctor's appointment is Tuesday the 22nd... If Lea hasn't arrived by then, we are going to ask to have the induction date changed to the 28th. I just do not want to be induced for no medically necessary reason. I figure, if we push back the induction date as far as possible (41 weeks, according to this doctor), that will give my body a few more days to go into labor on it's own. The doctor does think I will go into labor on my own and said I shouldn't worry. I am trying not to think about it, but now I have this 'induction date' hanging over my head! We'll see what happens.

After all that, I headed to work and Kevin headed home (to work from home). About noon, Kevin called with more good news... our Anka Sova crib and dresser had arrived! I hurried home after work and we immediately put the crib together. It looks fabulous and fits perfectly in Lea's room! (I'll take pics once the room is completely finished) We will work on putting the dresser together the next couple of nights.

To end the day yesterday, my parents and grandmother brought us dinner... Crab Legs! It was sooo yummy. We also had corn on the cob, homemade cole slaw and apple dumplings for dessert.

Now, I am off to another day at work. My team is still in Las Vegas at the ABC Kids Expo. From what I have heard, it is going well. I haven't seen any pics of our booth yet... hopefully I will soon. I put a lot of work into that and am dying to see how it turned out! As a matter of fact, we started working on the booth design in January. Which means, when I go back to work in January 2010, I'll probably begin working on the new booth design for next year! :) After today, I only have two more days in the office. Crazy!

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  1. That's really weird that they made you schedule an induction date. I have never heard of a doctor requesting one before even seeing if a woman goes over due!

    I hope you're able to avoid the induction! I hope your delivery goes great for both you and your baby!


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