2 Months!

Two months ago today our baby girl was born! It's hard to believe Lea's only two months old... I can't imagine my life without her now. I feel like she has been in our lives forever.

Lea continues to change every single day. She loves staring at lights... I can't wait to put our Christmas tree up. She is going to love it! She's getting so strong... holding her head up and putting weight on her legs. With just a little bit of help, she can practically stand up! Kevin plays 'airplane' with her (holding her up above himself) and she stays stretched out; looking straight ahead. She is still laughing and smiling all the time, too. I love that she wakes up every time with a huge smile!She will also imitate us when we stick out our tongue or open our mouths wide.

We are looking forward to next week because Kevin has the week off. We'll get down our Christmas decorations and take our time putting everything up. For Thanksgiving, we'll have dinner at Uncle Chris & Aunt Jill's Wednesday night, then at Grandma & Grandpa's Thursday. I have a special outfit for Lea to wear on her first Thanksgiving. I hope it fits her... she's growing so fast! Grandma and Grandpa H are going out to Uncle Dave & Aunt Sarah's in New Mexico. We'll miss them this year but are glad that Dave & Sarah will have some family with them for the holidays. (wish they could come here for Christmas!)

Last week, we got Lea a 'Bumbo' seat. She's still a little too young for it, but by Christmas it will be perfect! Here's a video of her trying it out...

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  1. She is such a happy baby! You look great Jess!


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