Four Years

Four years ago today, Kevin and I were checking out of the hotel, wedding dress and tux in tow. We were Mr. & Mrs.! Our wedding day was perfect... the weather was so beautiful (much different than the weather we are having now!) and we had so much fun. I married my best friend that day, Saturday, November 12th 2005.

The past four years couldn't have been better, either. We have been through a lot... happy times and hard times. Kevin is my comedian during the happy times and my rock during the hard times. Words can not express the joy in my heart because he is in my life.

Just eight weeks ago, our prayers were answered and we were blessed with an exceptional gift. A happy, healthy baby girl! The journey we traveled to receive that gift brought Kevin and I closer together and now our little Lea ties our bonds even more.

Here's to many more happy and exciting years together.

Happy Four Year Anniversary!


  1. Got chills reading this!!! Congratulations on FOUR years!! : ) One day when we are old and gray and our children are grown and gone, we will look back with pure fondness for these years, I am so happy that we get to share them together...even from a distance at times!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You guys are awesome and I look forward to our kids playing together one day!

  3. You guys are perfect together! Congrats on 4 years!!

  4. These happiest of days will be remembered for a lifetime. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow". Enjoy every moment.


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