What We're Loving Now

The past four and a half months we have discovered new products that we love (and a few that just didn't work for us). I thought it would be fun to start listing what we love every month or so. Here's our first list!

Born Free Glass Bottles: These are the only bottles that little Lea will take. We love them because she doesn't dribble when drinking from them!

Aden + Anais Muslin Blankets: Thanks to Lea's Uncle Dave & Aunt Sarah, she received a pack of these when she was born. At that time, I thought they were HUGE. These days, though, they are perfect for swaddling Lea. She sleeps so soundly when swaddled in these super soft & stretchy blankets. They are thin, too so I don't have to worry about her getting to warm.

Mustela Baby Washes and Lotions: Mmmmm... little Lea smells sooo good after a bath with this stuff! My favorite is the infant foam shampoo. It's very light so her little head doesn't get all gunked up with heavy gels.

Svan High Chair: Lea started sitting in her Svan chair a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of her favorite places to play. We drag it all around the house... in the kitchen when we're cooking, in the dining room at dinner time and in the living room when we're just hanging out. (note: we haven't started solids, yet. she just really likes to sit up right and see everything that's going on... the Svan chair is the perfect height!)

Natursutten Rubber Pacifiers: Her favorite! These are the easiest pacifiers for her to hold in her mouth. She also likes to chew on the handle. We love that they are made in one piece so there's no risk of it coming apart and causing a choking hazard. It's also much easier to clean then other pacifiers because water can't get inside the nipple. (I hate trying to get water out of pacifier nipples!)
There you have it. Just a few things that we are loving these days. What's something you and your baby can't live without!?

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  1. Ditto on the muslin blankets! I got some as a gift from my SIL and didn't think I'd ever use them (we thought they were HUGE too). Now not only do we use them to swaddle but Madeleine loves to snuggle with it on nights she isn't swaddled. Also, the Tolo brand Roller Rattler. Between that and her baby doll I have at least 10 full minutes of free hands while she entertains herself. Her favorite thing though is her Farm Jumparoo. She will stay in there while I vacuum or clean up and she just loves it. I love the little piggies and the vegetables!

    For me I could NOT live without my Lily & Serena market sling. Grocery shopping would not be as easy without it and she loves it too!


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