Smiling and Laughing

Lea is such a happy baby! She smiles and laughs all the time... especially when Daddy is around. He is the best at getting her to laugh. She makes the sweetest little sounds when she laughs, too. It's hard to catch it on film, but I am trying.

(This isn't the best picture... but you can sure see her beautiful smile!)

And, here's a video that is super dark, but you can hear her silly laugh. It's the best sound in the world!

We've been doing some 'tummy time' these days, too. Lea does great. She is such a strong little girl... but, I knew that before she was even born.


  1. That smile is priceless and you will NEVER hear a sweeter sound than your baby laughing...

  2. Those are the sweetest sounds.. don't they just melt your heart! She is a doll baby.


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