2009 - A Year in Review

So very much has happened this past year! It's almost hard to believe.

January 8th 2009... we found out I was pregnant!

April 14th 2009... we found out we were having a GIRL!

June 6th 2009... my brother got married!

July 17th 2009... I turned 30 years old and was 30 weeks pregnant!

September 18th 2009... Arrived at the hospital at 3am... false alarm!

September 19th 2009... Went back to the hospital at 3am. Lea CaLynn Thomas was born at 10:54am!

September 25th 2009... Celebrated Kevin's big 3-0 (and Lea was just 6 days old!).

October 2nd 2009... Lea enjoyed her first bath at home!

October 19th 2009... Lea weighs in at 10lbs 3oz on her one month birthday.

October 31st 2009... Lea 'enjoys' her first Halloween!

November 12th 2009... Kevin and I celebrate our four year wedding anniversary by having a quick dinner out away from Lea for the first time!

November 19th 2009... Lea weighs in at 11lbs 14oz on her two month birthday.

November 26th 2009... Lea's first Thanksgiving!

December 12th 2009... Lea meets Santa for the first time.

December 19th 2009... Lea turns three months old.

December 25th 2009... Lea wakes up as happy as can be for her first Christmas morning!

We've had such an amazing year. While it's hard for me to believe that 2010 can beat 2009, I know it will! Lea has grown, changed and learned so much these past 15 weeks. I can hardly imagine how much she'll grow, change and learn this year!

Happy New Year, everyone.


  1. Great year! I love the last one!

  2. You have to figure out a way to preserve these posts for whatever new technology may be around for Lea to see when she is older - she will LOVE it. Such great pictures! What a year! Here's to a happy 2010!


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