Five Months Old!

Lea and I celebrated her five month birthday today by taking a nice, cuddly nap together!

I've said it before and I'll probably say it for the rest of my life, Lea amazes me every single day.  She changes so much day to day.  Lately she's dicovered her head... randomly 'hitting' the top of her head as if she's saying, "Hey... there's something up there!"  She's still playing with her feet all the time, too.  My favorite thing these days is just watching her do things.  Every movement is thoughtfully planned and intentional.  For example:  She'll see her pacifier and slowly move her arm towards it, then her fingers will try to grab it (this can take some time).  She'll lean (or roll) slowly in the same direction and her mouth will gently open just when she gets the coveted pacifier in hand.  But it's not over yet... now she must try and get the pacifier into her mouth.  Easier said then done for a five month old!  She usually does get some part of it into her mouth, but usually she ends up with her hand... and she's happy with that (most of the time).

I think Lea is begining to recognize her name.  She'll look over to you when you call her... now, that might be just because she hears a voice, but I think there's more to it than that.  She's becoming more vocal, too.  I've actually heard a "muh" and "buh" sound a couple of times.  Today she did an "oooh" sound, too.  It was very cute!!  We're practicing sitting up on our own.  She does pretty well with just a little bit of support.  Sitting in an upright position is her preferred way to view the world these days.

(Don't let Bailey fool you in this picture... we had to "pose" her and tell her to 'Stay!'. Ever since Lea began reaching and grabing things, such as Bailey's hair, Bailey stays far, far away!)

We're still going to Mommy & Baby Yoga on Friday mornings.  It's a lot of fun for both of us as the other babies in the class are all right around the same age.  They like to watch and listen to eachother.  This Sunday Lea is getting baptised.  I'm looking forward to it as the weather is supposed to be beautiful... unlike the Sunday before when her baptism was snowed out!  I'll have pictures to share for sure.  :)


  1. Happy almost-half-birthday, Lea! I hope you enjoyed Mommy/Baby yoga... we used to do that and I LOVED it! Now we do mommy/baby swim lessons; those are great too.


  2. Love the hoodie picture!


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