Grunting for more!

Here's a cute video from tonight's dinner. One of Lea's new 'things' is to grunt (or should I say growl?!). It's hilarious!


  1. The grunts don't end when they can speak. I find G is always grunting when she wants food. I tell her to "use your words", just like they say in all the parenting books! She listens, but even her pleas for "more, more!" end up sounding like grunts.

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  2. Keira growls like this STILL! It is still so funny to me! She started her growling about 3 months old and it keeps me laughing every day. Can't believe how big Lea is!!

  3. That's hilarious! But I think it's time to mix in a little brisket with that cereal. She's ready to EAT!



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