Yummy, Rice Cereal!

We started solids this weekend and I am filled with mixed emotions. My baby girl is growing up! Not only that but until this point in her life, she has only had my milk to eat. Now she gets to try new things and her little world is going to grow before her eyes... or should I say, mouth!

We prepared organic rice cereal and got Lea ready in her Svan high chair. After sitting down at the dinner table, Lea knew exactly what to do. She opened her mouth, leaned forward and even tried to grab the spoon. Surprisingly, most of the cereal did stay in her mouth. To say she liked it was an understatement... she devoured it and then squealed for more!

Not only is her life changing drastically, but ours is too. Long gone are the days of having a quick dinner in front of the tv. From now on, we will be preparing dinner together and then eating together at the table. I want Lea to grow up having family dinner time every single night, just as I did growing up. I've always felt that family traditions are important. When I was little, each family member would take a turn at dinner time to share a story about their day. These are the days that we will begin our own family traditions... some may be the same from when we were little but some may be new.

The world is full of possibilities... for little Lea and Mommy & Daddy!

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  1. Awww, how sweet! By the way, I'm jealous of her high chair-- that brand is amazing!

    I know your mixed feelings about beginning solids... I felt the same way with G. But remember, those other foods are only meant to supplement your milk; YOU will still provide the bulk of her nutrition until she reaches a year!

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