Happy Earth Day!

It was a gorgeous day here today but unfortunately I spent half of it at work and then I ended my evening at the dentist.  I am NOT a fan of the dentist!  Turns out I have yet another old filling that needs to be replaced.  :(

But, on a happier note, Lea had a fun day of playing in her door jumper (she loves that thing!) and eating more peas and carrots.  After getting her jammies on, we read Good Night Moon, nursed and then put her to bed.  I make a point to wake her up before putting her in her crib as she always falls asleep nursing.  I wake her just enough to say good night and for her to fall back asleep on her own.

In honor of Earth Day, here's a list of 'earth friendly' things we do around our house to help ensure a healthier planet for Lea as she gets older...

  • Use a solution of water, vinegar and lavendar oil for a natural dissinfecting cleaner
  • Use Seventh Generation, chlorine & latex free, diapers (and use cloth diapers every once and awhile)
  • Breastfeed and make our own baby food
  • Use glass containers in the kitchen instead of plastic baggies
  • Recycle as much as we can, including boxes, grocery bags, bottles, cans, etc.
  • Turn off lights when we don't need them on
  • Use CFL light bulbs
  • Limit the amount of our AC and heat usage
  • Turn off the water when brushing our teeth, washing dishes, etc.
  • Shop resell, such as Children's Orchard, Kid to Kid, consignment shops, creigslist.com and sometimes thrift stores
  • Limit the amount of processed and individually packaged foods that we buy
  • Buy organic when possible (including 'cage free' eggs)
  • Grow our own herbs and buy local produce when possible
While the above list are things we often do, there are also some things I wish we would do more.  I would like our family to walk and ride bikes more, use less chemical cleaners, waste less food and take shorter showers (to name a few things).  I admit we are not the greenest family and probably never will be, however I am glad that there are things we can do to help in small ways.  Every little bit counts, right!?

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