Peas and Carrots

It's hard to believe Lea is already seven months old.  But she is!  And she is still growing and changing every single day.  I swear there are days that I get her up in the morning and she looks different to me. 

Besides being so close to crawling, she is now eating some 'finger foods'.  We've given her steamed peas and tiny bits of steamed carrots.  She loves the carrots... and tolorates the peas.  It's so much fun to watch her pick up a piece and get it in her mouth.  Every move of each finger is thought out.  She has a look of concentration on her face as she opens her fist to reveal the little bit of food she's managed to pick up and then, with her other hand, she pinches the bit and finally gets it to her mouth... sometimes.  After a few attempts with no success, she gets irritated and I help her.  She is getting better, though!

Her most favorite thing to eat right now (as it will change in a few days) is pureed blueberries with banana.  She devours it... hardly getting down one spoon full before opening her mouth for another!  We love letting her try new foods and watching her expressions with first tastes.

Here's Lea after her Blueberry/Banana dessert...


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