Water Babies

Remember "Water Babies"?  I had one when I was little.  I thought it was the coolest thing!

Our little 'water baby' is really getting the hang of playing in the pool.  Friday we put her baby pool in the yard and filled it with about three or four inches of water.  She loved splashing around and even got onto her belly for awhile.  We are loving this fabulous weather!

We went to AquaMoms again Saturday morning. One of the things we do is blow bubbles in the water. Well, this morning, Lea actually tried to copy me! She put her face into the water three times. Maybe after a few more classes she will actually be blowing her own bubbles. :)

Saturday afternoon we went to the NCSU Red and White game.  It was Lea's first football game and she really enjoyed it.  We actually stayed until the 4th quarter (and, honestly we could have stayed until the end but we were exhausted).  Lea squeeled and smiled at people around her.  It was a lot of fun!

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  1. She just keep getting more and more beautiful!! : )


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