8 months old!

Lea is 8 months old today and she crawls like a pro. Not only that, but she is so close to actually walking! She pulls herself up on anything (including mommy's leg) with ease and she's already trying to 'cruise' on the furniture.

Here's a video from this afternoon of her perfected crawling skills...

We're having a busy, busy week at our house as we get ready for our first family vacation with Lea. She'll have her first plane ride soon! I'm a little nervous but mostly anxious. I think it's really going to be a lot of fun. We'll just have to make ourselves go with the flow and stay relaxed. Kevin and I are such planners but I think we can do this. So far we haven't made any plans... other than talking about spending a day walking around Santa Fe, visiting the Albuquerque Zoo, going on a few day hikes, etc. It's really going to be great seeing Lea's Uncle Dave & Aunt Sarah and I can't wait for them to see Lea!

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  1. Have fun on vacation! Go Lea, she's fast- prepare yourself for the walking, it's a whole new world.


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