My baby girl is growing up!

We had a fabulous weekend together. Saturday we spent the day in our "new" pop up cleaning and learning how things are put together. Lea loved crawling around on the beds. I think she'll really enjoy camping! We're excited to go out one weekend after we get back from vacation.

Lea's really been practicing waving. If you say "Hello" or "Bye Bye" while waving to her, she'll eventually start to flap her arm. It's so cute! The other "trick" she's learning is giving kisses. Just say, "Can I have a kiss?" and pucker up... she'll open her mouth, lean in towards your face (while also slightly sticking out her tongue) and give you a nice, wet kiss. I love it!!! Finally, she's really getting into 'cruising' around on the furniture. She can pull to standing on anything, including my legs, the coffee table, the dishwasher door, kitchen chairs, her high chair, the back door... you name it and she can pull up on it. Here's a pic of Lea and Bailey waiting by the back door for Daddy to come home.

 Now that Lea is a pro at crawling (and fast!) she races over to the door when I (or Daddy) get home from work. It's such a fabulous thing to come home to!

Sunday we spent the day at the Museum of Life + Science. We had a blast checking out the farm animals, the butterfly house, he dinosaur walk and there was even a small area indoors where babys and toddlers could crawl around and play. Once Lea gets older, we'll be going there more often for sure.

Now we're getting ready for our vacation. It's a little overwhelming packing for a baby. I know there are many things that we can (and will) buy once we're there... diapers, wipes, baby food, Cheerios, etc. But, I'm more concerned about what to pack in our carry on to keep Lea happy during the flights! Sippy cup, snacks, blankie, pacifier, a book?, toys?, teether?... If you have any must-have suggestions, please let me know. :)


  1. That picture at the door is too cute. Good luck flying! It's tough to entertain them no matter what you bring, but snacks always seem to work best for us!

  2. Kisses are my fav! Maddie only kisses when she's in the mood but she'll give me really long open mouthed ones and it just makes my heart sore, especially since she doesn't share with just anyone.

    Not sure if Lea is a chewer but I'd make sure to bring 5 different types of toys to chew on. Maddie gets bored fast but always needs something to chomp on. Maybe buy a new little toy to surprise her with? And don't forget burp cloths in case she has a spit up on the plane.


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