Dropper Stopper Review

Who doesn't get tired of picking up sippy cups or toys that get accidentally dropped (or thrown) on the dirty floor? When we're out with Lea, I don't like giving her things to play with because I know it will end up on the nasty, public floor in no time. But poor Lea gets bored and needs something to help occupy her... what is a mom to do? Enter 'Dropper Stopper'! I was sent one of these fabulous inventions and our lives have never been the same. Sister-in-laws Nicole Williams and Meredith LaMirande were tired of this problem, too so they joined forces and created the Dropper Stopper to help moms and caregivers across the world.

The Dropper Stopper can connect to toys or bottles on either end. It attaches with snaps and can be adjusted to several sizes. One end even has some non-slip grip stuff so your bottle or sippy cup stays in very securely. It has also undergone and surpassed product safety testing and is proven to be effective in keeping thrown or dropped baby items from hitting the floor.

We have used our Dropper Stopper on high chairs, strollers and even on our diaper bag. It's been such an asset to our lives! Here's Lea chillin' during the Relay for Life walk with her 'Aqua Dot' Dropper Stopper keeping her sippy cup close by...

Dropper Stopper has some cool new prints, like Purple Blossom and Sky Dot. At only $13 each, every parent needs one (or two)... they'd make a fabulous gift, as well. Visit http://www.dropperstopper.com/ to see their other patterns. You can also find them on facebook!

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  1. I must have one of these. Oh how it will change my life!


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