EVO '10

I'm at a super cool conference, Evo '10, in Utah at the gorgeous Canyons Resort (this place is awesome!!!) this weekend. It is terribly beautiful here. The mountains are as green as can be and the air is fresh and cool. I am meeting so many interesting people (even someone from my tiny hometown...what are the odds?!) and am learning so much. The focus of this conference is "the evolution of women in social media." While I am having a blast (and SO glad that Lea and my mom came with me), I have to point out two observations from today...

1) Why would someone pay money to come to an awesome conference such as this, attend an educational workshop for three hours, but then shop on-line the entire time? Seriously, this gal beside me is shopping for dresses during our workshop. Does she not want to learn anything? And, if not... why is she here?

2) I understand how popular social media is and I totally get how important it is in my work life, but I do not understand that while I am listening to a keynote speaker talk about seriously personal and touching topics, about 90% of people around me are on their iPhones doing who-knows what? Seriously? Maybe I am just old-fashioned (and, yes, I am pretty old-fashioned), but I just think that is terribly RUDE!

I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now I will get off this laptop so I can continue listening to the blogging workshop I am currently attending (don't worry... we were on a break while I typed this!). I'll update more after this trip as the entire thing is a whirlwind! :)


  1. Utah really is SOOO beautiful right now. We had a lot of late winter storms (into May!) and Summer has really just begun in Park City. So glad you are getting to enjoy us at our finest moment! Just tonight I was sitting outside looking at the beautiful scenery, and it's even more beautiful where you are (I live in Orem, about an hour or so away, down in the Valley).

  2. Hope you enjoy the conference! I just found your blog and became a follower. I look forward to coming back and reading future posts (:


  3. Hey, just wanted to pop in, miss you!!! : ) Have fun on your trip!

  4. Love Park City! We skied at the Canyons. It really is a nice place.


  5. Can't wait to hear more about the conference! I promise to call soon to schedule a play date!


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