Beautiful Utah

It's been four days since we returned from Utah and while the trip was so worthwhile, I have to say that it feels tremendous to be home again. Grandma and Lea tagged along behind me as I attended the EVO '10 social media conference for work. I had an amazing time, met so many inspiring women, ate delicious food, learned valuable life lessons and made instant connections. It's hard to sum everything up into words so I will share some of my favorite pictures from our trip...

View from our suite!

Spending a few min. by the pool before heading back to work.

Jess & Erin ~ SCI Marketing Team!

Dragging our carts up the mountain to ride the Alpine Slide!

Love the Aspen trees

Kate & Jess getting ready for the Alpine Coaster!

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  1. You are gorgeous, and this looks like an amazing time!


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