We're packing to go to the beach for four nights... and I hate packing. Seriously, now that Lea has joined our family, I get so overwhelmed trying to pack everything... even for the shortest of trips. We travel a lot, so this is a problem. I never had trouble packing pre-Lea. What's my deal? I am a very organized person and plan everything. My husband is as well. We are both list-makers, too. But still, I get anxious just thinking about packing for a trip. So anxious, actually, that I almost shut down completely.

Perhaps I just need to let go a little. Stop over-analyzing everything. While I don't consider myself uptight, I know I can get carried away with my planning and organizing. You know when you get asked "What's one of your weaknesses?" during an interview? My answer is always something regarding my extreme organization and planning because, seriously, it can be a weakness. Case in point.

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  1. Make a master list in your email that has every possible thing imaginable on it. Summer gear, winter stuff too, etc. That way you can just print it and check off. Thank God we have a huge SUV to haul it all!


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