Walking and a Tooth!

A week ago, on August 1st, Lea took her 'real' first steps! Just over 10 1/2 months old. I sat on the floor and after standing her up, held out one of her toys in order to entice her to come towards me. Wouldn't you know it? She took two, slow and wobbly steps before sitting down. She was just as excited as I was, laughing and squealing as she did it again and again. Since then she has gained a lot more confidance. She often takes 4, 5 and 6 steps in a row all on her own. It's awesome to watch her as she gets better and better every day. She is just so pleased with herself, she laughs and yells in excitement each time she walks. She must know she is doing something amazing!

Another new 'trick' of hers is climbing the stairs... all the way to the top. More than once (twice, to be exact), I have lost sight of her and as I frantically searched the house, I have found her upstairs looking down at me! AHH! Time to figure out how to install the baby gate. I am also trying to teach her how to come down the stairs as she tries to come down head first. I actually let her start head first (while I was right there beside her) and she quickly realized that wasn't going to work. Poor thing was shaking and scared to death once she got 'stuck' midway through going head first.

Finally, we've just discovered a teeny, tiny white bump on her lower, front gum line. Yup... my baby girl is starting to sprout her first tooth! Actually, it almost looks like two bottom ones are going to come at once. Wouldn't that be nice? I'd love them all to come at the same time to get it over with. Other than a little bit of drool and a little more chewing on things, she hasn't been acting any differently. Hopefully these baby teeth will make a fast and easy appearance.

Needless to say, we've been busy around here. Tomorrow we'll begin packing for a beach trip with Kevin's family. I am so looking forward to a relaxing few days in the sun. We got a big canopy to put down on the beach for some shade... and, we got Lea her own little chair, too.

She likes it!

Bailey likes it, too!

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  1. Go Lea! Can't believe she's already walking.

    Where did you get that chair?


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