More words...

Lea continues to say new words every day. She usually just says the first syllable of a word, but I read that any sound they make consistently for the same thing is considered a word.

Last night, as she was playing in a bubble bath, I asked her to say 'bubble'.... she immediately said "bub-bub". :)

Another thing she's into right now is her stuffed animals. She's always loved soft, fluffy stuffed animals but recently she's really been interacting with them. Almost every day she will line them all up on the sofa (or chair or floor). She makes sure they are sitting upright and gets mad if they fall over, then she talks to them. Yesterday, I am pretty sure she was scolding monkey. Her little finger was pointing in his face and she raised her babbling voice. Then, she stepped back, waited a second and proceeded to clap her hands at him so I guess monkey apologized to her. lol

Here's some adorable pics of Lea taking care of Grover...

"Want some milk, Grover?"

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  1. Too cute!!! It's crazy how fast they pick up on vocab.


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