Yay, Christmas!

I am SO excited for Christmas this year!

Kevin came home today after two weeks in NJ (with a short weekend home in the middle). Now it feels like Christmas. ;) Lea and Bailey were so, so very excited to see Daddy walking up to the back door today. Kevin brought Lea a little stuffed giraffe from his trip and Lea just loves it.

 When you have a little dog that isn't so crazy about a toddler in the house, it's kinda hard to get a good picture of them together...

This was the best I got! lol
Our Christmas shopping is all done... gift wrapping is almost done... we might actually get some snow flurries on Christmas day... plans are all set for the next several days... and Kevin remembered that I had a tub full of old stuffed animals & dolls in the attic so Lea will be getting several more surprises from Santa! YAY!

Merry Christmas!!!

Lea's ready to open some presents!

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