Here's some cute pics of Lea from the past couple of days. (I am loving my new camera!)

Lea and Keat
I have always been a big picture taker and now with my new camera, I am taking even more pictures. So, the question is... how do you know what pictures to keep and what pictures to get rid of? I certainly can't keep them all! This has been a problem of mine for awhile. And not with just pictures. I tend to keep things for sentimental value... even if there's hardly any sentiment. I have pictures from 6 years ago that are so blurry you can hardly tell who's in them. But I can't get rid of them... those were taken when Kevin and I were just dating. See my problem? So, seriously. How can I make myself purge all the "bad" pictures and just keep the really good ones???


  1. Coming from someone who takes a million pictures a week, my rule of thumb is to ask myself "Am I or my kids going to care about this picture if found in box many years from now?"

    It works! I used to keep everything but that's how I detached myself and now only keep a fraction of them.

  2. Oh and love the pictures! One day we'll get one where Keat is smiling next to Lea :)

  3. These are great pics! I can't even decide which I like the most.

    I say print the pictures that are good quality and a good capture and save the rest. Back them up, use flickr, keep them around to look at and smile. With all the options for storage these days there is no reason to get rid of anything. I love looking back at all my blurry Iphone pics of snuggle time with my little baby.


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