Quick Cold Update

While my cold has gotten considerably worse, little Lea has, so far, escaped the wrath of this cold. She did have a terrible fever ALL day yesterday and spent the entire day laying on the floor...

It was pretty sad. She whimpered and moaned all day. She had no energy at all. She didn't smile, she didn't laugh, she didn't talk. However, when I went in to get her up from a nap, her little hand popped up to wave at me. :)

This morning, it was like yesterday never even happened. Lea woke up as happy and energetic as ever! I am still praying that she doesn't catch my cold, though... I have been very careful about covering my cough, washing my hands and not sharing any food/drink with Lea. Keep your fingers crossed for us! We leave for FL in five days (but who's counting?!).

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